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Solarmonkey Adventurer


The Solarmonkey Adventurer is one of a line of solar chargers from the fantastic and reliable company Powertraveller. I've used it for hiking, car camping, and cragging. 



This device is awesome as it is so ridiculously easy to use! Open the case and point the panel at the sky and it’s charging, close the case and it’s not charging. Red light = not fully charged, green light = fully charged. Plug your device in and it’s charging that. No buttons or “on/off”. The way you can leave the panel in the case while in use is brilliant, and it has a little storage pouch to stow the cable to your device when it’s packed up. It comes with a few common plugs, and these “monkeytails” are built with a really rugged rubber sheath. You can use the device as a solar charger on long trips, but you can also pre-charge the unit at home via usb and use it as a spare battery on a short trip.



Can’t think of any, this thing is the bomb.


Final Result

Haven’t used it like this yet, but the sewn tape loops on the outside of the case will make it really easy to strap onto the outside of a hiking pack to charge while walking during the day. 



Dom has spent a few years with Mountain Equipment, floating between Chatswood and the City stores like a loose lily in an amber stream. Half Ninja, half honey-badger, half poet-laureate, he's 1.5x the outdoorsman. He enjoys climbing, hiking, canyoning, mountain biking, and carrying heavy packs uphill through the snow, barefoot, carrying a wasp's nest in his teeth. Dom's future will see him settling down to a quiet life of Sudoku and taxidermy, but until then, there is gnar to be shreddeth. Quote: "The first rule of climbing: Looking Good."