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Spirit VCR



I was asked to source these shoes for a friend first up.  I did and they loved them so much, I bought a pair too and they are my favourites.  My friend is a highly skilled rock climber 20+ and uses them indoor and outdoor on mixed routes, and different rock, and in competitions.  Me on the other hand - I rock climb as a skill for mountaineering (but try to up skill on rock when I have time) and sit around the 16-19 mark.  Comfortable, they don't give me the pain in the heel a different brand did.  Although, another friend tell me the toe might wear out quicker than I'd like but I could do a resole and that would not be the end of the world.  When they do wear out, I'll be keen to simply buy the same shoe because I'm quite happy with it.



Chris Burke

Just like Russel Crow and Crowded house, Chris was born in NZ but Australians have long since forgotten that and now claim her as their own.She has reached the summit of 5 x 8,000m peaks in 1 year and 12 days including K2 and Gasherbrum's I and II so she knows a little about what she's talking about. Chris is also the first Australian or NZ woman to reach the summit of Lhotse (4th highest) and Makalu (5th highest).