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Angus Taylor

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Angus Taylor Mountain Equipment climbing athlete ambassador


We are super excited to announce that Angus Taylor (@applep1e ) has come on board as a Mountain Equipment ambassador! The way Gus lives his life represents everything we love at Mountain Equipment. He is totally stoked on climbing for the adventure and the progression it brings to him personally and to others. He loves the climbing community and will do anything and everything to encourage all others to join it.  But honestly the other side of the story is that ever since Gus left working for us in order to pursue a “real job” we have missed his smile and stoke so much that we want an excuse to have him around 🙂 . 

If you haven’t met Gus, his thirst for life and his passion for climbing and the environment are large. He currently works in the environmental sector where he works for a non-profit that basically keeps councils and governments accountable for the keeping the environmental targets they have previously set. On top of this he is one of the driving forces behind Climbers Mag . Climbers Mag is an Australian independent climbing magazine that aims to share more about the culture and lifestyle of the climbing community and not just on the activity itself.


Angus Taylor Mountain Equipment climbing athlete ambassador

At Mountain Equipment we were lucky enough to know Gus before, during and after his leg injury. It was obviously a big deal and a drawn out process but during the whole time Gus stayed motivated and always had the end goal of climbing again. During that period what was more amazing is how much time he had for others. Even though his problems were obviously the biggest, he’d always make others feel like their sore finger or sunburn was a bigger deal. 

Now that he is finally out the other end of his years of medical procedures, he's not just climbing again, but pushing himself and has some awesome goals and plans on the horizon. Although not intentional (not that they ever are), Gus recognises that he is now a voice and face for adaptive climbing and is keen to lead by example and push boundaries in all abilities climbing wherever he can. 


Welcome Gus to the team and we look forward to some more awesome adventures ahead!! 


To find out more about Gus Taylor

Visit his Instagram Page HERE

Visit Climbers Mag Instagram Page HERE

Angus Taylor Mountain Equipment climbing athlete ambassador

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