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Jasmine Naghsh

Jasmine Naghsh


Jasmine “Jazz Hands” Naghsh seemed to pop up out of nowhere in 2015 winning the NSW Bouldering Title. She went on to place second in the VIC Bouldering Title’s that same year proving she was no one-hit-wonder. We love her style and love her passion for bouldering. She’s a staple now around the Sydney bouldering crags and is always good for some beta.


Question Time

1. How old were you when you started climbing, and how did you get started?

My school in year 9 offered rock climbing at Climb-fit Sydney, and it just really started there! My parents bought me some gear for my 15th, and I would find myself at Climb-fit after school... And here I am now!


2. List some of your proudest achievements.

2015 NSW state bouldering title, Coming second in 2015 VIC state titles and somehow managing to gain 3rd in the Australian Boulder rankings...


3. Short and long term climbing goals.

I hope to make finals this year for bouldering nationals and
I'd really like to hit double digits on some classic outdoor problems this year too!!


4. What climb is your biggest nemesis?

Probably 'Hands off My Detonator’ (V8) at Sissy. The day I get myself off the ground I'll be happy. Maybe one day...


5. In three words, describe your ideal climb.

Powerful, short and intense


6. If you could pick any climber in the world to go on a road trip with, who would it be?

Nina Williams. I love her attitude with climbing and training and the way she approaches both indoor and outdoor climbing.


7. If you could pick anywhere in the world as your next climbing trip, where would it be?

There are so many places I would love to go to!! Would be a hard choice between either Magic Wood or a long American bouldering road trip (so many stellar bouldering locations!!)


8.What do you consider to be a good day climbing?

Cool temps, baked goods, good company, good views and a send train.


9. What has been your favourite climbing day or the most remarkable/funny thing to happen to you on a climb?

I feel like most of my remarkable and funny moments have been either to or from the crag... I'm so clumsy I don't know how I make it out alive sometimes.


10. How many brand stickers do you have on your favourite water bottle/how many hang boards do you have at your home?

I have a few stickers on my water bottle from a few of the trade shows. But not enough! I have a beastmaker at home, hoping that its quality would rub off onto me.


11. Have you made your own backyard climbing wall?

No! I wish... There's not enough space unfortunately.