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Load image into Gallery viewer, Edelrid & Fixe Sport Lead Climbing Package
Load image into Gallery viewer, Edelrid & Fixe Sport Lead Climbing Package
Load image into Gallery viewer, Edelrid & Fixe Sport Lead Climbing Package
Load image into Gallery viewer, Edelrid & Fixe Sport Lead Climbing Package
Load image into Gallery viewer, Edelrid & Fixe Sport Lead Climbing Package
Load image into Gallery viewer, Edelrid & Fixe Sport Lead Climbing Package

Edelrid & Fixe Sport Lead Climbing Package

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If you're ready to take that next step in your sport climbing and start leading outdoors, or if you're just sick of dirt bagging and using your friends gear all the time then we've put together this awesome sport climbing package from the world's premier climbing companies. 

The Edelrid & Fixe Sport Climbing package features the ever popular work horse rope the Taipan 9.8mm which is all German made. This is paired with the versatile and safe Mega Jul, which is is an assisted braking device. The MegaJul also allows you to abseil off anchors and climb with twin ropes if you wish so this set-up is perfect for multi pitch climbing as well as single pitch crag climbing. 

Having 10 Fixe Montgrony Quickdraws will sort you out for most length climbs in Australia so there won't be much you can't tackle in the sport climbing scene with this great value climbing package. There's also the choice between 12cm of 18cm dog bones.


This pack includes - 

  • Edelrid Taipan 9.8mm 60m Rope ($249.95)

  • Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device ($79.95)

  • 10X Fixe Montgrony Solid Gate Quickdraws (329.50 or 349.50)

  • Edelrid Magnum HMS Screwgate Carabiner ($34.95)


12cm option is $734 worth of kit for $629!

18cm option is $754 worth of kit for $649!

The low down on the Edelrid Taipan 9.8mm Climbing Rope

The Edelrid Taipan 9.8mm is a rock climbing rope made especially for us Australian's by the German rope-making masters. Not only is this climbing rope going to fulfil all your climbing needs as far as gym climbing, sport climbing, trad climbing and multi-pitch - but it's also the most environmentally friendly climbing rope on the planet. Made from up-cycled material that is left over from the production of other models, the Edelrid Taipan 9.8mm follows the strictest quality and safety standards of the German brand but is also BlueSign approved and better for our planet. 


Edelrid Taipan 9.8mm 60m Rock Climbing Rope Features

  • 9.8mm diametre is the perfect balance of performance and durability
  • BlueSign approved
  • Made using left over yarns from other rope production that would normally end up in the bin
  • Made in Germany
  • Kernmantle Rope


The low down on the Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device

Edelrid have created possibly the most versatile belay device you are likely to come across. The Edelrid Mega Jul holds a 'Climbing Magazine Editors' Choice award', and 'Outdoor Magazine Editors' Choice Award' as well as being an ISPO Award winner.

The Edelrid Mega Jul is an 'assisted breaking device' and bridges the gap between 'guide mode' ATC's like the Petzl Reverso or DMM Pivot, and 'auto' devices like the Petzl Gri Gri. It basically operates like a Reverso but with the addition of assisted breaking in general leader mode. It also means you can have an assisted breaking device on multipitches or alpine climbs when you cannot take a Gri Gri because of its inability to rappel off two ropes.

Edelrid Mega Jul Modes 

  • Belaying a leader or toprope: In this mode the device is a break assisted device. It is easy to pay-out slack to leader and can be used with single, twin or double ropes.
  • Guide Mode: Like the Reverso or Pivot, hang the device directly off an anchor to belay up a second. Device is an auto-lock device when used in this mode.
  • Assisted-break Rappel: When used in this mode rappelling, the device will auto lock off unless it is tilted up either by the thumb loop below or the biner loop on the top
  • Unassisted general ATC Rappel: Flip the device over when rappelling and the Mega Jul will act like any other tubular device when abseiling. It is recommended you use a backup prussic in this mode. 


The low down on the Fixe Montgrony Quickdraw set

The Fixe Montgrony Quickdraw set is a workhorse quickdraw for beginners to top-end sport climbers. Two solid gates with keylock clean nose and a 16mm polyester sling. No frills but will be there to catch you when you fall. Grab the 12cm to keep your draw length to a minimum or the 18cm is great to reduce rope drag, especially on longer or wandering routes. 


The low down on the Edelrid Magnum HMS Screwgate Carabiner

The Edelrid HMS Magnum Screw Gate climbing carabiner is a larger style belay biner with big gate opening range and large inner radius for the rope to run over. Edelrid designed it specifically as a belay or rappeling biner that is easier to handle, for use with gloves on alpine climbs or for anchors where you need space to clip multiple people/things in.

Edelrid Magnum HMS Carabiner Features

  • Extra large gate opening
  • Large internal dimensions and rope radius
  • Key-lock closure for anti-snag goodness
  • H-Beam forged for maximum strength and minimum weight




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