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NOTE: Please choose carefully - Do to its critical nature Person Protection Equipment (PPE) is not returnable

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Bud Descender - Figure...
Description The Edelrid Bud is your simple go-to figure of 8 style descender. Awesome for canyoning or just general abseiling,...
Edelrid - Hannibal Descender - Abseiling/Rappeling Device
Hannibal Descender - Abseiling/Rappeling...
Description Specifically designed for canyoning, the Edelrid Hannibal Descender is an advanced figure of eight with multiple breaking options. Edelrid...
Edelrid - Ohm - Climbing Hardware
Ohm - Climbing Hardware
Description The Edelrid Ohm is one of the most innovative products to hit the sport and gym climbing scene for...
Edelrid - Megajul Guide Mode Belay Device - Climbing Hardware
Megajul Guide Mode Belay...
Description Edelrid have created possibly the most versatile belay device you are likely to come across. The Edelrid Mega Jul...
Edelrid - Spoc Pulley
Spoc Pulley
Description This is one of those pieces of climbing hardware that is just so damn useful! The Edelrid Spoc Pulley...
Edelrid - Mega Jul-Bulletproof Screw Belay Kit
Mega Jul-Bulletproof Screw Belay...
Description The best belay partnership you will ever find! The Edelrid Mega Jul and Bulletproof FG Carabiner Belay Kit is...
Edelrid - Giga Jul - Assisted Breaking Climbing Belay Device
Giga Jul - Assisted...
Description The Edelrid Giga Jul is the most versatile climbing belay device on the market. It gives you all the...


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