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Climbing Laces

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La Sportiva Climbing Laces are replacement laces for shoes in their climbing line. Hardwearing and abrasion resistant. Long, skinny and bendy - they'll do the trick. 

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  • Will these laces fit my method which are very long


    Thanks so much for sending through your question. I'm guessing by "method" you're meaning Mythos? In that case then no, the La Sportiva Climbing Laces won't be long enough. These are meant for models like Miura and testarossa. The Mythos laces are a bit longer as they run round the heel and down. But not to worry, I have three options for you and they all work a treat. 

    1. Sterling Paracord
    It is a little tight through the loops and it does look a "bulkier" then the original but at 24kN you've got some backup rescue cord should you need it!
    2. Tobby Flat Laces 160cm
    These are great and probably my pick. But at 160cm they're 12cm shorter per lace (6cm per side) than the original Mythos lace. Which is fine for most people but if you've got a bigger size like 45 or a very wide feet and use all of the original it may be a tad short. 
    3. Sterling 2mm Accessory Cord
    This will definitely give you the climbing look but they're totally "round" not flat like the others. We can cut per meter or you can by a small spool. Best to call the shop on 02 9264 5888 for this as we can see what colour is currently in at the moment. 

    You're probably all over it but just a tip to definitely use a big blunt needle (similar to sewing hessian bags) or a small piece of wire to thread them as they can be very tricky things. 

    All the best a let me know if I can help further. 

    Matt Eaton
    0431 586 988