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Water Stop Spray - Hiking Boot Care

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Suitable for all footwear, the LOWA Water Stop Spray is a PFC free, high performance product that stops moisture from soaking into your boots and shoes. This maintains the quality of the leather and prolongs the life of your boots as well as making them more breathable and comfortable. The LOWA Water Stop Spray is suitable for Gore-Tex lined boots and is in fact recommended for them as it will increase the breathability. 


LOWA Water Stop Spray

  • Stops water soaking into leather
  • Increases breathability 
  • Makes boots more comfortable and faster to dry
  • Prolongs the life of the leather
  • Recommended for Gore-Tex lined footwear

Questions & Answers

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  • Is it correct that waterstop pro and active cream from lowa are interchangeable? If so, which is best? Kind regards Thomas

    Water stop pro and active cream are not interchangeable. Water stop pro is specifically for preventing the adsorption of water which can wear and damage your shoes over time as well as making walking less comfortablw while they are damp. Active cream is for treating worn and stiff leather, similar to using moisturising your skin. 

    Both products have their merits in extending the life of you shoes however they are not interchangeable and are useful in their own different ways.