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Lifesystems - Survival Whistle
Survival Whistle
Description The world's most powerful whistle, made from a toughened plastic material, the Survival Whistle is an essential part of...
ACR - Res Q Link Res Q Link
Res Q Link
Description The ACR Res-Q-Link PLD (Personal Locator Beacon) is one of the most powerful and important pieces of equipment you...
ACR - Res Q Link Plus - Self Buoyant Res Q Link Plus - Self Buoyant
Res Q Link Plus...
Description The ACR Res-Q-Link PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) is one of the most powerful and important pieces of equipment you...
Lifesystems - Survival Bag
Survival Bag
Description A strong and lightweight bag which is designed to reduce the loss of vital body heat and reducing the...
Lifesystems - Thermal Blanket
Thermal Blanket
Description A must for any trip be it for the day in the bush, a canyon, multiday mountain trip or...
Windproof Matches
Description A simple but essential piece of kit for the outdoors. These matches will light in all weather conditions. Pack...
Lifesystems - Light Sticks
Light Sticks
Description Designed as emergency signalling devices. Each light stick lasts for up to 12 hours. Comes in green and orange...
Lifesystems - Mountain Whistle
Mountain Whistle
Description A whistle is recommended as an essential item for people in the outdoors. This is a tough, lightweight aluminium...
Light My Fire
Scout 2.0 Firesteel
Description The Light My Fire, Swedish made Scout Firesteel will be your camp companion for years to come. It will light...
Lifesystems - Fire Starter (firesteel) Fire Starter (firesteel)
Fire Starter (firesteel)
Description  Light your stove or fire quickly, easily and in any conditions. The LifeSystems Fire Starter is a fire steel...


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