Nylon Tubular Open Climbing Sling - 60cm



The Edelrid 16 mm sewn climbing sling is made of robust and abrasion-resistant polyamide. Edelrid used a tubular design to increases strength without the bulk so they're more compact than... Read more

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  • can this specific sling be used to safely extend draws?


    Thanks heaps for the question. Yes for sure! You can use the Nylon Tubular sling to make extended quick draws when combined with two snap gates. It's aways advised not to have any nots or twists in the sling when using as a runner, just simple biner to biner as this will maintain maximum strength. 
    As an added note, the only advantage of going the dyneema style over the nylon is just less bulk on your harness, particularly when you have a number of them. But safty wise when used correctly there is no real difference. 

    If you have any further questions feel free to hit me up direct at matt.eaton@mountainequipment.com



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