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Y & Y Belay Glasses let's you say "No" to belayer's neck. Mirrored lens to give you vision of your climber while looking straight ahead. Constructed using quality prism mirror lenses, Y&Y belay glasses are becoming increasingly popular at the crag and climbing gyms.
Classic Belay Glasses
Description Say "No" to belayer's neck! Let's be honest, they look funny. But Y & Y belay glasses let you...
YandY - Clip Up - Climbing Belay Glasses
Clip Up - Climbing...
Description No one likes a cranky belayer. Ease their burden and reduce their stress so they don't bother you while...
YandY - Prism Up Belay Glasses
Prism Up Belay Glasses...
Description Once you get over looking a little funny your life will forever be better with the Y and Y...


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