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DMM Pivot Guid Mode Belay Device

DMM Pivot Guide belay device product review

The DMM Pivot has become my go to belay device for it’s versatility and thoughtful design. The DMM Pivot functions excellently as a regular belay device off the harness with a deep V-slot, assisting the belayer in catching lead falls and allowing for smooth, controlled abseils, but it truly excels when belaying from above in guide mode. 

Arguably the most dangerous aspect of any guide mode function is the potential need to lower a climber when things take a turn for the worse. Belayers often resort to methods such as redirecting the rope through their anchor system or avoidance of guide mode to counter this. The Pivot removes the need for this ‘faffery’ as its rotating action enables a better control over the friction offered from the belay device. This allows for a safer and more controlled lower to retrieve those fumbled bolt plates. At first I believed this feature to be on the gimmicky side of things, but after an epic on the top of one of my earlier multi-pitch climbs I used it on I, was surprised to find otherwise.

Dan Butler DMM Pivot top belay in guide mode

On top of this, the device allows for more leverage to be gained as the belayer releases their climber with the frontal carabiner hole. This feature further improves the safety of lowering as it offers greater sensitivity in the rotation of the device. This combination of features (pivot hinge and carabiner hole) mean I no longer need to think twice about what method of top-belay I use and, in my opinion, with the safety the Pivot provides, there is less time spent worrying and more time spent climbing.

DMM Pivot product review features and instructions

 To top it off this product is available in multiple colours, because you wouldn’t want to turn up to the crag with matching gear. 

Overall the DMM Pivot is a well formulated and engineered device that seems to defy the rule that ‘great quality comes at a great cost’, coming in cheaper than many of it’s more well-known competitors. It makes a great personal upgrade for multi-pitch endeavours or a gift for your up-and-coming climbing friend that you can have confidence in. I’m quite convinced that when its time to retire my red Pivot, the hardest decision to make will be whether the blue Pivot matches my harness! 


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Product Review by Dan Butler