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Product Reviews - Technical Apparel, Climbing, Outdoor & Trail Running

  • Petzl Actik Core Gear Review

    Simple, no fuss, reliable and versatile. After years of trial and error with different brands and models, I have finally found my go-to headtorch for pretty much any outdoor adventure!...
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  • DMM Pivot Guid Mode Belay Device

    The DMM Pivot has become my go to belay device for it’s versatility and thoughtful design. The DMM Pivot functions excellently as a regular belay device off the harness with a...
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  • Lowe Alpine - Axiom Expedition 75:95

        I've used the Expedition while guiding multi-day bushwalks and backcountry ski trips as well as mountaineering and travel.    Pros Lightweight – For how big it is, and...
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  • Ambit 3 Peak

      Multifunctionality I really like the multifunctionality of this watch.  Not only is it a navigational instrument but it also tracks performance for many sports. It is pre-programmed to tell...
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  • prAna - Axiom Jean

    What have I used the Axiom jeans for? being a ninja bear baiting slam poetry the Doppler Effect hipster endeavors jazz-flute   Pros stretchier than Jane Fonda comfy like a...
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  • Evolution Aero 9.2mm - 70m

      I originally bought the 9.2mm sterling aero 70m rope as something lighter for multi-pitch routes and something longer for any routes/rappels above the 30m mark. It definitely served its...
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