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Gear Review Of The La Sportiva Theory Climbing Shoe - By Rob Lebreton

La Sportiva Theory Climbing Shoe Review

Time to put the Theory into practice…

The La Sportiva Theory has dropped. This sleek black and yellow performance shoe has been designed with plastic holds in mind. It offers maximum rubber contact with holds, thanks to a super soft midsole, and extraordinary power through the toe due to its aggressive down-turn and solid rubber wrapped toe box. The toe area is very precise and sensitive allowing you feel the holds straight out of the box. These puppies were born to hook. The liberal covering of rubber over the toes is perfect for hooking the side of a volume or dragging on an arete and the heels feel solid on marginal heel hooks and when cammed into heel-toes.

But are they too specific? Are they only suited to high end plastic wrangling? I don’t think so. They feel as though they would be equally at home on the steep sandstone boulders around Sydney and the steep routes in Nowra and the Blueys. In many ways the things we look for in climbing shoes for the rock are similar to what plastic climbers look for. We don’t just go toeing into pockets at the crag like we see on Euro Instagram accounts, we heel-hook, toe-hold, toe hook, heel-toe, smear slopes and abuse our shoes in a myriad of ways. The Theory looks like it’s up for the challenge and as soon as the government loosens the shackles and we’re able to hit the stone again, I aim to find out. I size them the same as Skwamas and Testarossas. Give them a look, they won’t disappoint.


For more info the La Sportiva Theory Climbing Shoe Click HERE


By Rob LeBreton

Rob Lebreton has not only climbed and put up some of the country's hardest routes, but he also headed up Sport Climbing Australia for many years and coached some of the country's best climbers. He knows a thing or two about foot technique ...

La Sportiva Theory Rock Climbing Shoe Gear Review