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Lowe Alpine - Axiom Expedition 75:95



I've used the Expedition while guiding multi-day bushwalks and backcountry ski trips as well as mountaineering and travel. 



  • Lightweight – For how big it is, and how much weight of the pack is invested in the comfy solid harness, it is quite light. At 2.51kg for a 95Liter pack it is pretty amazing. This is obviously due to the stripped down nature of the pack and the fabric used. No bottom entry, front entry or divider floor  does limit things a little, but I find when using pack liners and things I’m not using these features anyway and they are just more things that can go wrong when on an expedition.
  • Very comfortable harness that carries heavy loads well. Guiding I’m often forced to carry a lot more than I’d like but the pack seems to stand up the abuse alright. Whether my knees do is another matter.
  • Very simple pack without too many bells or whistles



The material was not quite as tough as I expected it to be, and I did tear it on a rock. But, to be fair, it was being lowered - or scraped - down a long cliff at the time, and it was only a small tear. Also, since then the fabric has changed and the nylon is even less likely to wear.


Final Result

Awesome bag with a large capacity for big trips.



Packing everything but the kitchen sink