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prAna - Axiom Jean

What have I used the Axiom jeans for?

  • being a ninja
  • bear baiting
  • slam poetry
  • the Doppler Effect
  • hipster endeavors
  • jazz-flute



  • stretchier than Jane Fonda
  • comfy like a baby duck
  • stylish like a well-tailored vest as worn by David Tennant or Simon Baker



  • No velcro quick-release


Final Result

If you could have a working jetpack or a light-sabre, which would you pick? If you picked jetpack, you'll love these pants, because you are a badass. If you picked light-sabre, you'll also love these pants, because you are a badass. If you thought "that question is irrelevant to the review of the perforamcen of these pants, and in any case the development of either an operational jetpack or light-sabre is implausible given current world energy generation technology", then these pants probably aren't' for you. Peace!




Dom has spent a few years with Mountain Equipment, floating between Chatswood and the City stores like a loose lily in an amber stream. Half Ninja, half honey-badger, half poet-laureate, he's 1.5x the outdoorsman. He enjoys climbing, hiking, canyoning, mountain biking, and carrying heavy packs uphill through the snow, barefoot, carrying a wasp's nest in his teeth. Dom's future will see him settling down to a quiet life of Sudoku and taxidermy, but until then, there is gnar to be shreddeth. Quote: "The first rule of climbing: Looking Good."