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Voodoo Pants (womens)



I love these pants.  For a long time, I avoided trekking pants for fear they would not move with me, would be too hot or grab my knees when I was heaving up steep slopes or trails.  A year or so ago, I found the Outdoor Research Voodoo pants and I’m loving the fit flexibility, and they breathe!  The fabric is lightweight, which is great, particularly when I’m at lower altitudes so they’re not so hot.  Nice and stretchy, very comfortable.  I seem to have way too many photos where I am wearing these pants!



Chris Burke

Chris, along with her climbing partner Lakpa Sherpa, has now completed 8 of the 14 peaks above 8000m. In 2013, Chris became one of only a small handful of climbers, female or male, to reach the summit of 4 x 8,000m peaks in a 12 month period when she reached the summit of Lhotse, G1, G2 and Manaslu.