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Product Reviews - Technical Apparel, Climbing, Outdoor & Trail Running

  • TPS 520 GTX Womens

      I've used the TPS 520 on multi-day hikes.   Pros The stiff soles offer a lot of support and stability over uneven terrain. I found them comfortable right out...
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  • Venus 2 Extreme Tent

    I've used the Venus II Extreme for car-camping, hiking, showshoeing/cross-country skiing, and mountaineering.    Pros Extremely stable design in wind/nasty weather Well-thought out ventilation system Vertical side walls give great...
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  • Voodoo Pants (womens)

        I love these pants.  For a long time, I avoided trekking pants for fear they would not move with me, would be too hot or grab my knees...
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  • Whisperlite International Stove

      I've had this stove for more than 14 years and used it for camping, hiking, and mountaineering.  Pros Although many people go for the MSR Dragonfly stove because of the simmer...
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  • Xenon X Hooded Jacket

      Working in a gear shop has its perks; it also has a tendency to encourage certain types of behaviour. One of them, speaking for myself, is that I can...
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