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Whisperlite International Stove


I've had this stove for more than 14 years and used it for camping, hiking, and mountaineering. 


Although many people go for the MSR Dragonfly stove because of the simmer control, the Whisperlight does have the advantage of being lighter and quieter. So on those long hiking trips where weight is essential, the Whisperlight has the advantage. 

It functions well in cold weather and has the same boil time as the Dragonfly.

It is very simple to clean and maintain. It is also field repairable and very durable!



It doesn't have the simmer control the Dragonfly has, but after a few uses it is very easy to get a very low simmer from the control valve attached to the fuel bottle. 

It does not burn diesel (should the need ever arise).


Final Result

The MSR Whisperlite is great value for money and being almost 100 grams lighter than the Dragonfly makes it a clear winner for me. 



Just quietly cooking over here...