Awesome Woodys - Sending Power for the People
Awesome Woodys produce some of the highest quality climbing training tools we've ever seen. All handcrafted from locally sourced timber in Brisbane. Awesome Woodys is one of those brands where a unique and functional product is born out of years of passion and dedication. 

Ross Ferguson has been a carpenter for 30 years and a climber for nearly as long. With a growing family and shrinking spare time he began to use his woodworking skills to craft climbing holds and hang boards for his small home woody. After a number of years of perfecting the designs Ross launched Awesome Woodys on the world; and he's certainly made an impact. 

His signature series, the Cliff Board range, solves one of the biggest dilemmas when installing a woody - where and how do I mount it? It not only solves this but increases its functionality at the same time! You can not only mount your board anywhere, but you can take it anywhere too! To the crag, to the park, on that holiday. 

All Awesome Woodys climbing products are still handcrafted by Ross in his shed. The attention to detail and quality is second to none. 

Awesome Woodys
Cliff Board Mini -...
Description The Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Mini is the most versatile of the portable Cliff Boards. At 550 grams it...
Awesome Woodys
Pinch Block
Description Don't get in a pinch, train with the Awesome Woodys Pinch Block! Do you want to take your finger...
Awesome Woodys
Cliff Board Micro -...
Description Built for climbers on the move, the Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Micro gives amazing versatility for its tiny size....
Awesome Woodys
Elephant Balls - Portable...
Description Never underestimate the power of Elephant Balls. Awesome Woodys Elephant Balls are the best thing for training open handed...
from $74.95 to $89.95
Awesome Woodys
Cliff Board Regular -...
Description Do you get bored staring at your garage door while hangboarding? Take the Awesome Woodys Cliff Board to the...
Awesome Woodys - Home Boy Campus Board
Awesome Woodys
Home Boy Campus Board
Description A hang board designed with modern training methods in mind to keep you from plateauing and make sure you...
Awesome Woodys
Parallette Bars
Description You've heard it before, to have better climbing technique you need a stronger more controlled core... Well here is...


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