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Beastmaker are makers of beautifully crafted wooded hangboards. If you're training for climbing, hangboarding is perhaps the best way to improve finger strength and there is no better hangboard than Beastmaker.
Beastmaker - Hangboard - 1000 Series
Hangboard - 1000 Series
Description No campus board tells people you're serious about your rock climbing like the Beastmaker does! Designed with the beginner...
Beastmaker - Hangboard - 2000 Series
Hangboard - 2000 Series
Description The moment your climbing friends come over a see a Beastmaker Hangboard at your place they know you're serious....
Beastmaker - Beastmaking
Description Grab a copy of BEASTMAKING and get 25% OFF either a Beastmaker 1000 or 2000 when you purchase together....
Beastmaker - Micros Training Edges
Micros Training Edges
Description There's not too many downsides to training for climbing with a hangboard, especially a Beastmaker hangboard. But perhaps the...


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