The GSI Outdoor company is a small, family business that strives to innovate and offer the best functioning outdoor cookware possible. They continue to produce products that have you wondering "why hasn't anyone thought of this before?", pushing the boundaries of functionality, pack-ability, quality and weight.
Infinity Insulated Backpacker Mug...
Description The GSI Infinity Insulated Backpacker Mug is crazy light, crazy tough and just crazy about joining you on your...
Infinity Stacking Cup
Description Sometimes the simple things are just the best thing for the job. The GSI Infinity Stacking Cup is simple....
Infinity Plate
Description Use it as a plate or a frisbee, the Infinity plate is made from tough Polypropelene which is tough,...
Infinity Bowl
Description It's a bowl, it's BPA free, it's tough, it's... Infinity Bowl! Specifications Material: Polypropylene, non-leaching, 100% recyclable    ...
GSI - Ultralight Java Drip
Ultralight Java Drip
Description Now there are no excuses for bad backcountry coffee! Talk to any of the coffee snobs around town and...


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