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MSR - Trailshot Micro Filter Trailshot Micro Filter
Trailshot Micro Filter
Description The MSR TrailShot Mocrofilter is a serious contender to the lightweight category of water filtration. This is one for...
SteriPEN - SteriPEN Aqua
SteriPEN Aqua
Description Traveling to locations with questionable water quality? Concerned about water safety in times of disasters or boil water advisories?...
Equip - Pro 1 1st Aid Kit
Pro 1 1st Aid...
Description The Pro 1 is a serious first aid kit. It is compact, versatile and filled with vital equipment. This...
Katadyn - Vario Microfilter
Vario Microfilter
Description The Katadyn Vario Microfilter is an industry standard multi-stage water filtration system that can be adjusted for longer cartridge life...
SteriPEN - SteriPEN Classic with Pre-Filter
SteriPEN Classic with Pre-Filter...
Description A quick and effective way to sterilize water while enjoying the outdoors or travelling. The Classic comes with a...
Katadyn - Gravity Camp 6L Gravity Camp 6L
Gravity Camp 6L
Description The Katadyn Gravity Camp 6 Liter is sleek and foldable filter system that uses gravity, not your arm, to...


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