World leaders in portable water treatment, Swiss based company Katadyn has grown under the guiding principle of "making water drinking water". Their range range of products covers any water treating needs from weekend adventures, week long hikes, travelling to third world countries to spending months off the grid at a remote basecamp.
Katadyn - Micropur Forte Tablets
Micropur Forte Tablets
Description Disinfects water using a combination of Silver ions and Chlorine. Effective treatment of clear water, 1 tablet will treat...
Gravity Camp 6L
Description The Katadyn Gravity Camp 6 Liter is sleek and foldable filter system that uses gravity, not your arm, to...
Vario Microfilter
Description The Katadyn Vario Microfilter is an industry standard multi-stage water filtration system that can be adjusted for longer cartridge life...
Katadyn - Gravity  BeFree 6L
Gravity BeFree 6L
Description Make clean drinking water for your camp with absolute ease! The Katadyn Gravity BeFree 6L makes a generous amount...


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