MSR (Mountain Safety Research) is built on the belief that - Better, safer and more reliable gear is the key to unlocking great adventures. Since its birth in 1969 by Larry Penbethy MSR has produced man products that are iconic with quality lightweight outdoor gear.
MSR - Trailshot Micro Filter
Trailshot Micro Filter
Description The MSR TrailShot Mocrofilter is a serious contender to the lightweight category of water filtration. This is one for...
MSR - Pocketrocket 2
Pocketrocket 2
Description The MSR PocketRocket 2 stove continues the impressive legacy of the original Pocket Rocket as being the industry standard...
Description Tough and light the MSR DromLite is great for carrying that extra water for multiple people or when you're...
from $80.99 to $92.99
MSR - Dragonfly Stove
Dragonfly Stove
Description The DragonFly stands out as the ultimate liquid fuel stove. Since its debut in 1998, it has won numerous...
MSR - Responder™ Snow Shovel
Responder™ Snow Shovel
Description Ultra Packable with extendable "T" shaped handle, the Responder is light, ergonomic and perfect for building snow platforms, walls,...
Fuel Bottle
Description The MSR Fuel Bottle is designed to be tough, to withstand the pressure needed for a reliable flame and...
from $49.99 to $62.99
MSR - Dragonfly Duraseal Pump
Dragonfly Duraseal Pump
Description Replacement fuel pump for MSR Dragonfly stoves. The lightest and most reliable pump on the market. This MSR Dragonfly...
Lightning Ascent - Snowshoes
Description The MSR Lightning Ascent Snow Shows are not only the pinnacle in ultra light alpine travel but also in...
MSR - Miniworks Ex Filter
Miniworks Ex Filter
Description A reliable and field-maintainable filter suited to long walks and extended expeditions. Uses a durable ceramic element that can...
MSR - Hydration Kit, Dromedary
Hydration Kit, Dromedary
Description Disigned to work with the MSR Dromedary or DromLite bags, the Hydration Kit converts them into a hands free...
MSR - Whisperlite International
Whisperlite International
Description The WhisperLite Internationale combines the reliability and durability of the WhisperLite with multi-fuel burning capabilities. A lightweight, compact and...
Evo Tail
Description Dramatically increase the float of your MSR EVO or EVO Ascent Snow Shoes with these EVO Tails!  With these...
MSR - Miniworks / Waterworks Maintenance Kit
Miniworks / Waterworks Maintenance...
Description Whether it is an emergency part replacement or just general up keep, this maintenance kit is a must. This...
Big Titan Kettle
Description When you demand the biggest and the lightest! The MSR Big Titan Kettle holds a whopping 2L of water...
Snow Picket
Description The MSR Snow Picket is hugely popular among alpinists and mountain rescue teams to build secure snow anchors. They...
from $88.99 to $100.99
Striker™ 240 Probe
Description The MSR Striker Avalanche Probe is an essential piece of kit when heading to the back country or mountaineering,...
from $138.99 to $171.99


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