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New Zealand Alpine Gear List

New Zealand Alpine Gear List

Alpine climbing and mountaineering in New Zealand is truly among the best in the world. It has something for everyone from accessible mountain passes for those looking to extend there hiking a little higher, to incredibly difficult and exposed technical alpine ascents that any climber around the world would crave for. New Zealand is know for its ever changing weather and conditions and while this can be seen as a negative, it provides the perfect place to cut your teeth as an alpine climber because if you can learn to deal with the weather and conditions there, you can pretty much deal with the conditions anywhere! 

The New Zealand Alpine Club has a great number of alpine climbing huts throughout the ranges and in summits reach of most of the main objectives. This makes many of the more remote mountains more accessible year round. 

While the main alpine season runs from around November to New Years, climbing and Mountaineering courses run all year round, you just have to be smart and pick where you go. Winter mountaineering and lower altitude ice climbing is becoming a big draw card with some incredible ice climbing areas opening up even in recent years. 


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