For over a century Optimus have produced portable stoves that have been trusted on anything as little as a walk to as much as a full scale expedition. They have a model of stove to suit any need with a variety of fuel options, sizes and performance. They also offer a great range of cooking pots and accessories.
Optimus - Crux Lite Solo Cook System
Crux Lite Solo Cook...
Description One of the lightest weight cooking systems you can get and great value. At a total weight of 200grams,...
Optimus - Crux Weekend HE Cook System
Crux Weekend HE Cook...
Description The Optimus Crux Weekend Cook System is a versatile cooking system at great value. Able to house a 230gram...
Optimus - Crux Lite Stove
Crux Lite Stove
Description If you are an unapologetic weight weenie who cuts the tags off your jackets, cuts the handle off your...
Optimus - Elektra Fe Cook System (without BOB)
Elektra Fe Cook System...
Optimus - Crux Stove
Crux Stove
Description The Crux is the perfect combination of being lightweight, compact and powerful. Because of the spread flame and fine...


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