Do not get snow blindnesses! It's the worst.
Premium Alpine climbing and mountaineering sunglasses and goggles made in France by Julbo.
Julbo - Explorer 2.0 - Spectron 4 Glacier Glasses
Explorer 2.0 - Spectron...
Description A cost effective way to access Julbo's flagship glacier and mountaineering sunglasses! The original Julbo Explorer was by far...
Classic Belay Glasses
Description Say "No" to belayer's neck! Let's be honest, they look funny. But Y & Y belay glasses let you...
Plasfun Basic Climbing Belay...
Description   Cheaper than a chiropractor!!!  No one likes a cranky belayer. Ease their burden and reduce their stress so...
Julbo - Trek Cameleon Sale
Trek Cameleon
Description High performance sunglasses for those on the go in extreme environments. A light and technical eyewear that provides optimal...
$229.95 $289.95
Clip Up - Climbing...
Description No one likes a cranky belayer. Ease their burden and reduce their stress so they don't bother you while...
Lowe Alpine - Sunglasses Shell
Lowe Alpine
Sunglasses Shell
Description An improved version of Lowe Alpine's traditional sunglasses case. Featuring a soft interior fabric to keep your glasses safe. Also...
Lifeventure - Sunglasses Case
Sunglasses Case
Description Do you need a good quality sunglasses case to protect those glasses while shoving in and out of your...
Julbo - Micropore GT
Micropore GT
Description As relevant today as they were in their 1950s incarnation, the Vermont, the Micropores is the standard by which...


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