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Stop cutting up your pack, jacket or your self - Don the Grivel Axe Guard!  Purpose built for Grivel Axes with Adz / Shovel, the Grivel Axe Guard is secure... Read more

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  • Does it attach to the shaft as well as the ends? I have a hammer as well as an adze, so wondering if this will work for the pick on the hammer as well? (Or does it need the tension of the adze on the other end to stay in place?) Also does it work for north machine as well as the 'standard' grivel walking axes?

    Hi John

    The Axe Guard does not attatch to the shaft, but there is 2 holes around the middle area of the guard, that will allow you to attatch it to the shaft with a piece of cord or something. 
    Axe Guard - Tip and Adze Cover by Grivel |
    Due to the design, you can also attatch the guard to the air tech evolution Hammer with a pick. The end stretches enough to cover the Hammer part.
    As for fitting the North Machine, we are not sure as we cant find measurements for the adze part. The guard measures 55mm across and so too does the air tech evolution adze (which the cover does fit).

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