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Outdoor Research

Cirque Pants - Mens

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The Outdoor Research Cirque Pants are built for alpine climbing, ice climbing, skiing, cold weather trekking or any other activity that requires weather protection, breathability, durability and full range of... Read more

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  • How would these pants go on summit day. Say climbing a 7000m peak. Would other layers be required? Would the bottom on these pants fit around my Spantik boots? Would snow gaitors be required with these pants?

    Hello, I wouldn't recommend these on their own on a 7000m peak. You'd really need to layer them with a shell layer and a puffy layer to cover all possibilities. Putting the Outdoor Research Neoplume pants or something similar over the top will have you sorted. I've had them up to 6000m on their own in great weather, but on summit day when you're leaving at 1am in the morning I swapped over to the Neoplume as these weren't enough. 
    They do fit happily over my Spantiks. You just have to undo the zipper cuff and do it back up. The worst thing that happens is the pants might slide up above that little heel pull-on tab and sit above that. But that is all. 
    To be honest, I never bother wearing gaiters with this pants and have never had an issue of snow going in the boots. It just makes life that bit easier. Maybe if you knew you were wading through knee deep fresh snow for days on end you might put them on. The only other reason you might is if you want the added protection from stabbing your calves with your crampons. But other than that I wouldn't worry. 
    I hope that helps but if you need more info feel free to email me direct at


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