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Crux Reservoir 2L

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The original and the best water bladder just got better... The Camelbak Crux Reservoir gives you -   20% more water per sip Leak-proof cap is easier to open and... Read more

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  • Hi there, could you tell me the type of plastic used to make the: bladder, tube, mouth piece etc. You have indicated what the product does not contain i.e. BPA etc. I would like to be fully informed. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Midori


    Thanks so much for your question. So the overall bladder and the tube material is made from Polyurethane. The bite valve is medical grade silicone and the other hard plastic parts I believe are all Polypropylene but there is mention of LDPE being used for the actual small "on/off" tap switch. As they specifically mention this switch being low density I'm assuming that the other parts are high density polypropylene, however if you want me to confirm that I might have to contact Camelbak again to ask. Let me know if all this info helps or if I can help any further. 

    Kind Regards,
    Matt Eaton


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