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Stealth Climbing Helmet



Yes the Grivel Stealth climbing helmet looks a little crazy. But you will be crazy impressed with how light and comfortable it is! In fact, you'll feel like you're wearing... Read more

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  • Lifespan? How long till retirement? I get big knock bye bye, but 5 or 10 years

    Hi Bazza, 

    Big thanks for the question and yes it is almost exactly what you thought. The official work from Grivel is that undamaged they recommend 10 years for normal recreational use and 3 years for intense or professional use. Basically UV damage and other factors like sweat and sunscreen will start to weaken materials over a long time so if you're using it only on saturday as a recreational climber then you are looking at closer to 10 years. If you're lucky to climb a lot, go on big trips or guide, then bring it down to 5 or 3. And like you say, after a big knock and especially if you can see damage to the foam, it should be replaced. 

    I hope that helps but if I can help at all further please don't hesitate to get in touch at

    Matt Eaton


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