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Buyer's Guides - Technical Advice for Technical Outdoor & Climbing Gear

  • Other Lighting Options

      As discussed in our buying guide Head Torches, having a light source strapped to your head is the most user friendly way to go for most active outdoor scenarios. There are...
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  • Sleeping Mats

      Next to a good quality sleeping bag, a comfortable sleeping mattress is arguably the most important investment you can make for your comfort in the wild. There is a...
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  • Sleeping Bags

      While the price tags can sometimes be daunting, a good quality sleeping bag can be thought of as an investment in your comfort. When you crawl into the soft...
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  • Torches and Lighting

      Depending on your adventure, being able to see in the dark might mean the difference between life and death, or simply finishing your book chapter or not. There is...
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