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Buyer's Guides - Technical Advice for Technical Outdoor & Climbing Gear

  • Trad Climbing Buyers Guide

    So here you are, you’ve made the decision and tied into the sharp end of the rope at the base of the iconic route The Eternity at Mt Piddington. But...
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  • Rock Climbing Helmet Buyers Guide

    Climbing is a potentially dangerous activity and therefore exposes you to risk of injury. To mitigate that risk there are some pieces of gear it is highly advised you invest...
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  • PETZL Grigri vs Grigri+ :Climbing Gear Guide

    The Grigri is a single rope, assisted braking belay device from climbing gear manufacturers Petzl. It has a camming mechanism to help the belayer arrest a fall. This cam engages...
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  • Beginner Climbing Gear FAQs

    We get asked a lot of questions, especially by people who are new to the climbing scene about how to buy, use and care for their gear. Below are the...
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