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Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Climbing Gear Review

Awesome Woodys Cliff board Range Climbing gear review


The Cliff board is a portable hangboard made by Awesome Woodys and is an awesome piece of climbing gear. It comes in three "packable" sizes: micro, mini and regular. It also comes in a Wide Boy, but this is less useful for the purpose of this review which is basically hang boards you can easily fit in a ruck sack.

Unlike traditional hangboards it's designed to be hung from a tree or slung around a rafter or beam. It’s small form makes it a great board to throw into your climbing kit for warm ups at crags where easy climbs may be lacking.  At the crag if there's nothing to hang it from you can stand on the cord and pull against it to get a good finger warmup. Since it does not need to be mounted to a wall, it is also great for apartment living where you may not be able to mount something above a doorway. It's convenience and smaller size however, does not come without its downsides. There is not a large selection of holds compared to a more traditional mounted hangboard. It can be a little lacking when it comes to being used as a training device if this is your sole or main form of training. 

All in all, the Cliff Board is a great, portable hangboard for taking to the crag, or keeping up with training while traveling. I would certainly recommend it for people looking for a portable hang board to complement their traditional mounted board or climbing gym training, and for renters if you are stuck for options of where to mount your training board. For those instances these work a treat. However, as a standalone training device, it can be limiting with the systems you can do because of the slim selection of holds available.


Buy An Awesome Woodys Cliff Board If:

  • You want something to warm up on at the crag
  • You want something you can travel with or have in your car for day trips
  • You enjoy exercising at the park or outside in random places instead of the "pain cave"
  • You are an apartment renter and cannot mount a traditional board anywhere
  • You have a gym membership for your main training and you just want something small to compliment it at home for a quick finger session
  • You have a traditional mounted hangboard and you want something to compliment it


Probably Don't Buy An Awesome Woodys Cliff Board If:

For the Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Micro CLICK HERE

For the Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Mini CLICK HERE

For the Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Regular CLICK HERE



Product Review By: Kee Eck