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Mega Jul-Bulletproof Screw Belay Kit

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The best belay partnership you will ever find! The Edelrid Mega Jul and Bulletproof FG Carabiner Belay Kit is a climbing partnership that climbs hard, skilful and safe. For a start you have the Mega Jul, one of the most versatile belay devices on the market that can be used in assisted brake mode or standard tubular mode. Couple that with the Bulletproof Screw Gate FG Carabiner, a HMS belay carabiner that not only captures the belay loop to stop cross loading, but has a steel reinforcement plate at the rope end which means it will far outlive any other all-alloy carabiner. 


About the Edelrid Mega Jul Climbing Belay Device

Edelrid have created possibly the most versatile belay device you are likely to come across. The Edelrid Mega Jul holds a 'Climbing Magazine Editors' Choice award', and 'Outdoor Magazine Editors' Choice Award' as well as being an ISPO Award winner.

The Edelrid Mega Jul is an 'assisted breaking device' and bridges the gap between 'guide mode' ATC's like the Petzl Reverso or DMM Pivot, and 'auto' devices like the Petzl Gri Gri. It basically operates like a Reverso but with the addition of assisted breaking in general leader mode. It also means you can have an assisted breaking device on multipitches or alpine climbs when you cannot take a Gri Gri because of its inability to rappel off two ropes.

Modes -

  • Belaying a leader or toprope: In this mode the device is a break assisted device. It is easy to pay-out slack to leader and can be used with single, twin or double ropes.
  • Guide Mode: Like the Reverso or Pivot, hang the device directly off an anchor to belay up a second. Device is an auto-lock device when used in this mode.
  • Assisted-break Rappel: When used in this mode rappelling, the device will auto lock off unless it is tilted up either by the thumb loop below or the biner loop on the top
  • Unassisted general ATC Rappel: Flip the device over when rappelling and the Mega Jul will act like any other tubular device when abseiling. It is recommended you use a backup prussic in this mode. 

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About the Edelrid Bulletproof HMS Screwgate Carabiner

As tough as they come. The Edelrid HMS Bulletproof Belay Carabiner is the perfect combination between durability and weight. The Edelrid "Bulletproof" carabiner range is are made of high end aluminium with I-beam construction for minimal weight, but feature a steel insert on the rope radius of the biner. This is the area that get's the most wear and tear. What you get is a carabiner as light as an aluminium one but with the rope end durability of a steel biner. If you go climbing a lot this is the HMS carabiner for you. 



  • Keylock closure system for optimal handling when clipping and unclipping
  • H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight
  • Steel insert prevents premature wear from rope friction or bolt hangars


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Edelrid BulletProof HMS Specs

Major Axis: 23kN
Minor Axis: 8Kn
Gate Open: 7kN
CE Cert.: CE 032


Edelrid Mega Jul Specs

Material: Solid Stainless Steel
Rope Diameter Range: 7.8 - 10.5mm
EN Cert. : EN 15151-2



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